Health Snapshot

The Greatest Wealth is Health

First line screening for health and lifestyle risks

The greatest wealth is health

It is widely agreed that Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are most effective at promoting behaviour change when they form part of an integrated, multi-faceted wellness programme. The role of the Health Snapshot within a wellness programme is to help identify physical and lifestyle health risks within a population and then target health and lifestyle interventions and behaviour change programmes to address these areas. Therefore, the Health Snapshot is a health and lifestyle risk assessment tool that serves as a “dipstick” to identify health and lifestyle risks for individual follow-up and/or clinical screening. The instrument was designed to screen for risks by means of a self-report survey that reviews the following:


Knowledge about health and lifestyle status and risks


Health and lifestyle behaviours and practices


Attitude towards health and lifestyle risk changes

The Health Snapshot dimensions

Identifies health and lifestyle risks and appreciates good health

The Health Snapshot comprises the following screening dimensions:


Demographics such as gender, age and marital status just to name a few.


Lifestyle dimensions such as nutrition, physical activity and Smoking

Medical History

Personal and Family medical history

Health Readings

Several health readings like Body mass index, Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood GlucoseĀ 

Psychological Well-Being

Stress Related Ill Health andĀ Personal Resources to cope with stress

Screening and Immunisations

Screening and Immunisations for Influenza vaccinations, HIV awareness, and others

How does an individual complete a Health Snapshot?

A smart approach to risk assessment

The Health Snapshot is an online survey that applies fuzzy logic as you answer the survey which means that the Health Snapshot online system adapts the survey and only requests information applicable to the participant as you complete the survey.

Ideally individuals complete the Health Snapshot online and it takes 10-15 minutes to complete. The ability to complete hard copy questionnaires does exist and these are then captured manually into the system after completion.


Prevention is better than cure

Individual Level
Each individual receives a confidential immediate personal feedback report following the online completion of the survey.

Group Level
After a project is completed all of the data is aggregated into a depersonalised group report. This report is generated in real-time and is available at the click of a button.

Benefits of the Health Snapshot

Knowledge is power


Provide employees with a snapshot of their current health status


Enable individuals to monitor their health status over time

Lifestyle Changes

Provide employees with concrete information thus preparing them for lifestyle change

Health Coaching

Help individuals get involved with health coaching

Readiness to Change

Provide important information concerning employees’ readiness to change

Measure and Monitor

Help employers measure and monitor population health status

Health Promotion

Provide employers with important information that can help them build results-oriented health promotion programmes


Can provide employers with important information on productivity

Health Behaviour

Allow employers to evaluate changes in health behaviour and health risks over time