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Metrics that Matter

The Organisational Human Factor Benchmark

The Organisational Human Factor Benchmark is a scientific-based organisational diagnostics suite developed since 1998 by Afriforte and the WorkWell research unit at the faculty of Economic and Management Sciences of the North-West University

Powered by a multitude of scientific theory, psychometrics, norms, benchmarks and a real-time workplace analytics reporting system the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark is top of its class with a footprint in many organisations in South Africa and globally.


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Less IR incidents
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved safety

    By Driving

  • Work Engagement
  • Manageable Stress and Related-Ill health
  • Corporate Citizenship Behaviour
  • Organisational Commitment

    Through Managing

  • Pace and amount of work
  • Mental load
  • Emotional load
  • Supervisory Relationships
  • Performance management
  • Role Clarity
  • Management Style
  • Communication
  • Growth and Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Competence
  • Employee Relationships
  • Advancement

From Theory to Practice

Applications of the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark

Bring the Human Factor and Workplace Functioning to the Boardroom
Bring the Human Factor and Workplace Functioning to the Boardroom Integrate human factor functioning and workplace effectiveness into the balanced scorecard or quantify as part of the business performance metrics in the organisation
Determine the Feasibility of your Strategies
Determine the Feasibility of your Strategies Ensure strategic success by comparing your business strategies with the employees' capability to act on strategic intent.
Manage Outcomes
Manage Outcomes Link human factor outcomes to the bottom line of the organisation and manage causal factors based on evidence and impact.
Guide Interventions to Maximise ROI
Guide Interventions to Maximise ROI Instead of focusing on all workplace risk factors, understand the unique dynamics in your organisation to intervene only on risk factors that have the largest impact on critical outcomes.
Customise Interventions
Customise Interventions One size fits all does not work. Design your interventions based on the unique characteristics of the different areas in your business.
Simulate Intervention Impact
Simulate Intervention Impact Before engaging in an intervention, simulate what the impact will be given the unique dynamics in your organisation.
Drive Productivity
Drive Productivity Understand the enablers and barriers of productivity in your organisation and areas of operations.
Understand Absenteeism
Understand Absenteeism Identify the workplace factors contributing to absenteeism.
Understand your Talent Pool
Understand your Talent Pool Understand the unique characteristics and risks of your talent pool and manage them proactively.
Help Employees at Risk
Help Employees at Risk Given a thorough consent and confidentiality process, help individuals at risk of stress and related ill-health or unwellbeing, through your internal processes, Employee Assistance Programme, or one of our many partners in the market (e.g. ICAS).
Customise your Diversity Management Strategies
Customise your Diversity Management Strategies Understand the different needs of your diverse workforce and manage accordingly.
Compare Yourself
Compare Yourself Compare yourself to our reasonable workplace norm or other benchmarks to understand whether your Human Factor is functioning reasonably given your situation.
Focus on the Positive and the Negative in the Organisation
Focus on the Positive and the Negative in the Organisation The absence of the negative does not mean the presence of the positive, which is why the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark helps you promote the positive while managing the negative in your organisation.
Care Initiative
Care Initiative Give employees a chance to reflect on their work-related wellbeing and experiences of the workplace in a constructive manner.
Predict Turnover
Predict Turnover Research has found that turnover intention is an accurate predictor of actual turnover. Predict and quantify turnover in your company and relate these predictions to your bottom line.

From Algorithms to Answers

A look behind our world class tools

From Algorithms to Answers

The tool has been extensively validated on a psychometric level with the latest latent variable modelling techniques.

Comprehensive Theoretical Model
The tool is based on the job-demands-resources theory, a well-known scientific organisational development paradigm.

Advanced Real-Time Reporting
Our workplace analytics system enables you to efficiently understand dynamics and trends in your organisation based on advanced statistical modelling.

Measurement Efficiency
It takes an employee on average 12 - 15 minutes to complete this 115 item instrument. The tool has been optimised with item response theory to provide you with maximum information given the minimum number of items.

World Class Reporting Tool

Real-time online analytics suite in the comfort of your office

The workplace analytics system converts sophisticated statistical modelling into management language. It is the most advanced reporting system of its kind. Some practical applications include: Predicting outcomes, simulating scenarios, finding trends and determining high impact interventions. All of that, in the comfort of your office.

Benchmarking Scenario simulator Slice data Analytics

Benchmarking: The benchmarking section helps you understand the organisation’s ability to compete by comparing against the reasonable workplace norm.

Scenario simulator: The scenario simulator predicts the impact of your intervention on employee and organisational outcomes given the dynamics in your organisation.

Slice data: Slice data helps you understand the different dynamics in different areas of operations.

Analytics: Understand what your most effective interventions in terms of return on investment and the pareto principle.

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