About Us

Converting research into metrics that matter

Afriforte was established in February 2005 as the commercial partner of WorkWell, The Research Unit for Economic and Management Sciences, at the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus. The purpose of Afriforte is two-fold:

To convert human factor and workplace research efforts into practical management and risk management tools that would promote the capability of businesses to:

Business Intelligence

Generate human factor and workplace metrics to ultimately create business intelligence for an organisation.

Strategic Intent

Act on strategic intent and successfully implement said strategies.

Health and Safety

Promote occupational health and safety for a safer and more productive work environment.

To support the WorkWell Research Unit (NWU) in research efforts by:

Information Sharing

Sharing trends regarding employee and workplace functioning with students and WorkWell researchers for further research and scientific confirmation.


Assisting students and staff to gather and analyse data from industry.

Industry Needs

Assessing industry needs for practical research.

How we can serve you?

Helping you optimise your people

Optimising people is all about sustainable returns. People are the one factor of value growth that drives all others because people drive processes. The value that a company creates results from the way that people apply their skills, energies, and expertise to the capital and raw materials that customers want. We need to recognise this by demanding a rigorous and credible approach to both valuing this significant asset, and linking that value to the benefits for stakeholders.

Board of Directors

Behind the scenes at Afriforte

Prof. Leon de Beer

Independent Director and Chairman of the Board

Director of the WorkWell Research Unit (NWU)
PhD (Industrial Psychology), Registered Industrial Psychologist (HPCSA)

Prof. Ina Rothmann

Managing Director: Afriforte (Pty) Ltd.

PhD Pharmacy Practice
Extraordinary Associate Professor, WorkWell Research Unit, NWU

Ian Rothmann Jr.

Business Intelligence Manager: Afriforte (Pty) Ltd.

MSc Human Resource Management

Mr. Satish Roopa

Owner: S Roopa Consultants

B.Iuris, LLB, M.Phil.