Sport Psychological Fitness

Be more competitive than ever before!

Mind over Muscle

Mental preparation remains on par with and if not more important than physical and technical preparation.

The measurement of Sport Psychological Fitness (SPF) can provide the key to unlocking understanding and taking advantage of superior sport performance.

If we strive to be the best in our sport – it is about becoming the BEST and understanding ourselves – our players, athletes and the inner workings, strengths and weaknesses of our teams. In order to achieve success, we as coaches, sport managers and leaders need to understand the environment and climate in which our players and athletes function and how it affects their potential and ability to be successful. Once, we are aware of the constraining factors impeding on the potential of our players and athletes and also of the contributing factors facilitating player potential, we can invest effort to create enabling and focused interventions in which the potential of our individual players and teams is maximised towards superior sports performance.

Through applying the SPF the following outcomes can be achieved:

Improved Sport Performance

Assertive Psyckinetic Responses

Reduced Risk Behavior

Prevention of Injuries

Reduced Turnover

Stress and Stress Related Ill-health Symptoms

Increased Sport Engagement Levels

Reduce Distress Risks in sport Over-Commitment, Burnout and Distraction

Improved Sport Commitment Behaviour Levels

What do we measure with the SPF?

You can manage what you can measure

The Afriforte Stress Assessment instrument is a norm-based stress risk assessment and monitoring tool developed for the South African industry following cutting edge research conducted by the WorkWell Research Unit, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, North-West University, Potchefstroom.

Predictive Model

The Sport Psychological Fitness measurement is based and supported by a predictive model.

Standardised and Validated

It is therefore a reliable, standardised and validated measurement for the South African sportspersons, climate and provides measurements against a South African norm (on-line assessment).

Cultural Sensitive

It is cultural sensitive, with no bias against any cultural group.

Identify Risk Areas

It allows sports managers, sport psychologists, coaches and individual players to identify risk-areas and initiate pro-active interventions and resources to develop individual and team best performance practices.

Identify Sub Optimum Areas

A measurement and identification of sub-optimum areas of Sport Psychological Fitness and sport- related wellbeing of each player.

Personal Feedback

Each player also receives a personal feedback report and and individual feedback if required.

Comprehensive Group Reporting

A measurement and identification of sub-optimum areas in the current Sport Climate presented through a comprehensive group report.

Want to know more?

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For any enquiries, please contact Dr. Melissa Jacobs