The Afriforte Products Lab

All of your projects in one place

A Unified Space

See and manage all of your projects from one page

The Afriforte Products Lab provides you with an overview of all of your projects on one page. Intelligent visual cues provide you with the correct information to assess the status of each project at a glance so that you can take the appropriate action regarding each project.

Project Management

See what is going on when and where

Active project management is critical to the success of any project. The Afriforte Products Lab provides several tools to control, monitor and manage every aspect of your project.

Everywhere You Go

One click notifications will keep you up to date when away from your computer

Checking project progress can be a tedious task. With one-click-notifications we can send you project progress updates in real time via SMS and email. The Afriforte Products Lab can also be accessed by using a tablet for the ultimate in control over your project.

SMS Notifications

Email Notifications

Completely Mobile

Next Generation Survey Engine

Less clutter and more to the point

Completing online questionnaires can be a tedious process. With our 6th generation survey we give the user a flowing experience with less clutter and we focus only on what is important. With added support for Apple iPad and Android based tablets users can complete their surveys wherever they are.

Advanced Management Tools

Access control, project monitoring and advanced reporting in one place.

Loading Your Data

Upload CSV files created in Microsoft Excel to model your company on our system for reporting, progress checking and customised project management.

Model your Company

Model your company with our easy to use hierarchical model builder for reporting and advanced project management.

Manage your Users

With advanced user control you can grant people access to different features of the Afriforte Products Lab to help you and your team effectively manage your projects.

Capture Data

Capture data fast and easy using our advanced suite of tools not only to manage hard copy surveys but also capture the information in fast optimized environment.


Customise and tailor each project to fit your specific needs. You will be able to do everything from advanced access control to setting the currency for an international project from one central location.

Privacy of Information

As privacy of personal information is a critical factor for the success of any online project, we have developed a set of tools to help you manage how participants manage access to their own personal information.